Buzz Out Loud 645: We love you, Matt Mullenweg!

Our good friend Matt Mullenweg (did we mention he's handsome, too?) just got $30 million in venture capital funding! Hey, buddy, can we borrow a $20...thousand?

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
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Molly Wood
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Our good friend Matt Mullenweg (did we mention he's handsome, too?) just got $30 million in venture capital funding! Hey, buddy, can we borrow a $20...thousand? Nah, just kidding, we're covered, but congrats. In other news, the MPAA admits that its numbers on college campus piracy, which it used to demonize the entire university set and prop up draconian legislation and rules, were *super* inflated. Just a little "human error." Uh huh. Awesome.


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Amanda from Atlanta
Netflix on Apple.

Lee in Boston
Craigslist phishing.

Monkeys and robots hack voting.

Missing button in iTunes
In regards to 644
I had recently updated my iPod Touch on Monday (yesterday). I searched and searched for the "No Thanks" button, but it was not found until today. It seems it takes about 5 reconnects before this button shows up. But now I'm getting this pop-up "An error occurred. The iTunes Store could not process your request, please try again later." Then resumes normal operation. Then if I reconnect my iPod, it's as if I said no thanks and bugs me again and repeats everything all over again.

"No Thanks" button confirmation
I can confirm that there is no 'No Thanks' for the first three times you plug in a non-updated iPod touch.
Cameron from London, Ontario

Why iTunes rentals don't work on 5/5.5G iPod
Hey TMJ,
The 5/5.5G iPod Videos send video out through either composite or S- Video, and it is analog (also it does not require a proprietary cable with a chip to (prevent piracy?)). Maybe this shows why there was that dumb TV-out change in the new iPods. Theoretically you could hook it up to your TV and since it doesn't require the new proprietary chip video cables, you could potentially capture the analog to pirate the content. But come on, if I wanted to pirate the dumb 480p video I would rip the DVD...ever heard of handbrake?
This is completely ridiculous and annoying, but remember there are studios, not just Apple.
Tim from Dallas
Also, iPod Touch users, get over it (2 reasons): 1. Shoulda just bought an iPhone...way better. 2. It's called Sarbanes-Oxley and Apple's interpretations of it.
And the MacBook Air owns. Tim

Comcast TiVo
Hey Buzz crew,
I just wanted to let you know that immediately when i heard you talking about Comcast finally getting TiVo I called them and I have an appointment on Sunday between 3 and 5 for them to do a 'software upgrade'. They are charging me $14.95 to send a technician out to do this upgrade and it is 2.95 more a month (for as many DVR as you have, we have 2). But, in the end I don't care because the Comcast DVR awful and I can't wait to have TiVo back!
Gardner, Massachusetts

Digital frames have virus, Best Buy says...what's next?!?!?
Digital picture frames were one of the hit gifts this holiday season, but at least some consumers have ended up with an unwelcome extra present--a computer virus.
Electronics retailer Best Buy acknowledged this weekend that some private label Insignia 10-inch digital frames it sold over the holiday season were contaminated with a unidentified virus. The frames have now been pulled from store shelves and the product discontinued, Best Buy said in a statement.
And our next story--why you should look twice before sharing songs between Zunes... ;)

Tom's 2008 predictions--one big one correct!
Long time subscriber from the U.K., I seem to remember listening to shows where Veronica hardly ever talked! First time for me getting more actively involved somehow (never have time to get on the forums etc) so would love to get a mention!
Anyhow, wanted to show you that one of Tom's 2008 predictions about a big TV network showing programmes live on TV and Web at the same time will be coming true...and the key new bit of jargon to remember is "simulcast"
BBC Three Controller Danny Cohen set out his plans for the future of the channel at a season press launch earlier today.
Danny revealed that BBC Three is to become the first BBC channel to change from a linear service to a fully joined-up multiplatform venture. This means that all the channel's programmes, content, and experiences can be available on TV, online, mobile, and on-demand platforms--and that's just the start.
BBC Three will be simulcast live on the Web for the first time. Programmes will be available on demand for seven days after first transmission and in some cases previewed on the site in advance. This will make the channel's content vastly more accessible to audiences who wouldn't necessarily seek out or stumble across its programmes on conventional TV.
This is from the BBC's Internet blog. Some of the BBC's biggest programmes for 16-to-34yr olds are being shown on the BBC3 channel, so this isn't just niche content.
All the best!
P.S. Before you ask, yes, my real name is James Brown!

No more LOL
I came across this web site this morning and think we should all join the "No More LOL" cause.
Thank you,
Klo Utley