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Buzz Out Loud 1583: Let Whurley, the evil genius, blow your mind (Podcast)

On today's show we talk to the guys from Chaotic Moon Studios in Austin, Texas about their Kinect-controlled skateboards and shopping carts and get excited about how they're moving into mind controlled devices. We also discuss the problem with Google's new privacy policies, The iPad 3 rumor roundup and how to make the most of Google+. And finally we take a look at Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion.

Whurley from Chaotic Moon Studios
Phil Wheat from Chaotic Moon Studios

On today's show, we talk to the guys from Chaotic Moon Studios, the ones building Kinect-controlled skateboards and shopping carts and more. They're moving into mind-controlled devices. No, really. Also, the problem with Google's new privacy policies: Web search! The iPad 3 rumor roundup, how to make the most of Google+, and Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion.

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-Chaotic Moon Studios

-Whole Foods’ sci-fi shopping cart stalks you as you shop

-Skateboard Video

-Kinect Skateboard at CES Molly Wood Video

-Follow Chaotic Moon on Twitter @chaoticmoon


-Keeping Google From Watching Your Searches

-Google’s new privacy policy starts March 1; 4 ways to prepare

-Japan warns Google that its new privacy policy may violate data protection laws

-Apple sends out invites for March 7 iPad event

-The curious case of the missing iPad 3 home button

-iPad 3 may come in three flavors

-Throttled iPhone user takes AT&T to court, wins $850

-Introducing Windows 8 Consumer Preview

-Windows 8 on Intel is unlike ARM in crucial way, Microsoft confirms

-Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion: The debate begins


-HP cuts 270 employees from webOS division

-Users Spend More Time On Myspace Than Google+

-The Mounting Minuses at Google+

-'Pinterest for Men' Is a Terrible Idea


-Molly Wood during Buzz Out Loud

-Brain Tong photographing himself during BOL

-Stephen Beacham concentrating very hard

-Brian Tong’s Lytro Pictures during BOL

-Asus Padfone turns your phone into a tablet, notebook


-Quadrotor robots are a hit with James Bond theme song (video)


Caller points out why Google doesn’t care about being fair and still wants their $$$

Nathan from Portland and others from Buzztown offer the music service we’ve been looking for.


Last week you guys were talking about the fourth quarter T-Mobile customer defections. As a cause you guys blamed it on them having no iPhone. Really BOL? Really?

It is not as if the first iPhone just came out. Are saying that T-Mobile customers only learned of the iPhone when Verizon and Sprint pick it up? I know you guys are becoming more and more iPhone-centric but the world does not revolve around Apple.

As a happy customer who has never had any problems with T-Mobile, I was horrified to find out that AT&T was going to take over T-Mobile. After all it was AT&T that I was fleeing from when I went to T-Mobile. To top it off tech sites and BOL were all saying that there was no way that the acquisition wouldn't go through. Many of my T-Mobile friends jumped ship right away because there was only one other carrier offering unlimited data (Sprint) and there was no telling how much longer they would be offering it.

My contract ends in March and sadly I will be leaving my beloved underdog carrier. I feel there is no future in staying with T-Mobile because they seem to intent on selling the company and that is an unknown I don't like thinking about.
I'm just praying to sweet baby Jesus that the Galaxy Note comes to Sprint by March.

Love the show,
Jim Savage
San Diego


Hi Guys,

A few episodes ago you guys mentioned the G Drive or Google Drive and Rafe said that he didn’t understand what the point of it was, we already have Picasa Youtube, Google Docs, Etc so what’s the point??. Well imagine this,

Google Releases G Drive its a dirive / folder on your computer and it works just like drop box EXCEPT!!!!!!!

If you drop Photos in your drive they automatically show up on Picasa
If you drop Videos they upload to youtube under your account
If you drop Docs, Excel , PDF they go to google docs
If you drop Music it shows up on your google music player
If you drop an eml file or a pst, it gets shoved into your Gmail

Wouldn’t that be freaking awesome, one place where you can drop anything it automatically goes into th cloud and then it automatically becomes available through any of those services (with privacy controls ofcourse)

No longer would you have to go to youtube to upload that adorable video of Eli saying his first words (Molly) to youtube it would JUST happen.

They can even get fancy and allow you to use special tags ALA itunes to set all the different properties on tyour videos, photos etc.

And then to top it all off, they are available on your google HUD glasses with which using a simple head motions such as
Up Up Down Down Look Left Look Riht Look Left Look Right Rigth Blink Left Blink you can see all your content and share it with other equaly dorky HUD wearers!!


Jose C Gomez
Software Engineer


Buzz Crew,

First of all, Love The Show. I listen every week and have been listening since just after Veronica left (Go Gadgettes!). I just wanted to tell you all to not to fret too much about T-Mobile. I have worked for TMO since it came to being in 2002. In almost every incarnation and change, it has always stayed the best place to work and to grow. There are so many people who have worked there since it’s beginnings and that are very proud of what we have done. The ATT debacle hurt us but we are coming back and will be stronger! 2012 is our year! Just wait and see! And for those who didn’t know, TMO was the first and for a very long time was the only wireless carrier to have it’s own Unofficial Fan Site. Now VZW has one but that is only about a year old. Say what you want, but we are loved and we will come back stronger than ever!

Loyal to TMO & BOL


—–, 800-616-2638 (CNET),

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