Buzz Out Loud 1557: Facebook is not the boss of me (Podcast)

Adam Curry joins the show today to discuss Google's antitrust hearing (charade or not charade?), Facebook's redesign backlash, and how HP's board is looking at ousting Leo Apotheker as CEO--which apparently has many more political ramifications than we would have expected. Things you find out when Adam is on the show.

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
Molly Wood was an executive editor at CNET, author of the Molly Rants blog, and host of the tech show, Always On. When she's not enraging fanboys of all stripes, she can be found offering tech opinions on CBS and elsewhere, and offering opinions on everything else to anyone who will listen.
Molly Wood
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Adam Curry joins the show today to discuss Google's antitrust hearing (charade or not charade?), Facebook's redesign backlash, and how HP's board is looking at ousting Leo Apotheker as CEO--which apparently has many more political ramifications than we would have expected. Things you find out when Adam is on the show.

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Placeholder: Google hearing

Google Rivals Are Readying An Antitrust Assault in D.C.

Facebook news feed revamp faces backlash

Facebook's Big F8 Plans Get Dialed Back, Just a Bit

Sony: PSN down, its “unscheduled PSN outage” (Updated)

HP Board Said to Weigh Ousting Apotheker as CEO

Microsoft employee’s phone tweet leads to ouster

Apple's Next Event to Be Held on October 4, Starring Its New CEO

Apple board member Al Gore, speaking at conference, 'confirms' new iPhones in October - that's PLURAL

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Video Voicemail from Colin Davies aka a Sad Brit


Hey Buzz Crew!
This is Kyle, long time listener, first time e-mailer. Anyways, last night I logged onto Facebook on my computer and saw several friends complain about the new Facebook layout which I had not quite had. I refreshed the page and BANG! There it was! At first I was confused, the new scrolling updates about what your friends are doing on the upper right is definitely made so we can do more than just creep/stalk your friends (I know you all do that too), but turns you into an ultimate creeper! All in all the changes were not too bad until I figured out that the new Newsfeed is not in chronological order! What is up with that Facebook?!?!?! How am I supposed to see all of my friends status’? Shortly after that discovery about 200 of friends added me on Google+…ouch!

Love the show! Getting pumped for the new content that’s coming,


When I saw the new Facebook design all I could think was “”crap, better check my privacy and notification settings”".

Also, that flashing side bar thing, yeah, thats straight from hell.

(ok, I lied, two comments)

Love the show, so sad y’all will be going down to only one per week – but its all good!!

Kyle Waters


In regards to your comments on crazy testing, I am 16 and currently I have sent 4888 texts this month, and my cycle ends in 8 days. When you do the math, its about 222 texts a day. And I’m a dude…


I have an Xbox and I have an HD-DVR but I do not think that I would give up my DVR to consolidate the devices so that I just had the Xbox. First of all my Xbox is LOUD. If I had to keep it on all day long to ensure all my shows got recorded it would drive me crazy. Second, as much heat as that thing puts out it has to be at least two to three times the energy hog than the DVR! And third my Xbox only has a 20 gig hard drive. How many HD shows and movies can it record?

Jim Savage
San Diego


Hi, Buzz Crew.

When my doctor closed down his practice to move away, he offered me a referral to an equally qualified physician who could meet my medical needs. The same was true when my dentist retired and my accountant cut back to part-time.

So now that BOL is shutting its doors (at least for 4 days each and every week), where do you recommend I go for daily updates on all-things-tech? I’m sorry, but once weekly doesn’t do it for me. I can hear you now telling your kids, “”You don’t have to eat every day. One meal a week is more than enough. “”Doesn’t watching your “”clients/customers”" starve for technology info just outside your office door tug at your heart strings?

I’m just saying …

Signed: Professional Guilt Tripper.


Dear Molly,
I'm so sad to hear my favourite podcast is going weekly! You said that we could get our daily dose of tech news from the 404, so as a good listener I heeded your advice and subscribed to the feed. However when the episode in question was 3.5 minutes in and the phallic jokes hadn't subsided I was crushed.
I get enough of a male overload at work being the only female software engineer and in my opinion a good tech show needs a woman's perspective, am-I-right?
So Molly, as a devoted fan and fellow geek girl, my little ears will only be listening to whatever podcast you will be hosting. J

Love in Binary,
Georgi from Sydney

Ps. BT I’ll miss you too.


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Adam Curry on Swamp thing.