Buzz Out Loud 1533: Happy 8,000,000th patent! (Podcast)

We celebrate the patent wars with Zynga while Google's stock gets downgraded. TV Studios think its a good idea to pull back their content on the Web and if you've ever faked a phone call on your cell phone, you're not the only one.

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
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Molly Wood
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We celebrate the patent wars with Zynga while Google's stock gets downgraded. TV Studios think its a good idea to pull back their content on the Web and if you've ever faked a phone call on your cell phone, you're not the only one.

Watch this: Ep. 1533: Happy 8,000,000th patent!


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USPTO Issues 8,000,000th Patent

Zynga targeted in patent infringement lawsuit

Fox Starts Its Web Pullback, and ABC Gets Ready to Follow

Ouchpad: Best Buy Sitting on a Pile of Unsold HP Tablets

HP planning to bring WebOS to appliances, cars?

S&P downgrades Google stock on Motorola deal plans

IPhone Users in South Korea Sue Apple for Collecting Data Without Consent

Apple currently plans to start pre-orders for next iPhone on Sept. 30, launch Oct. 7

Apple’s proposed campus larger than the Pentagon

App for the ‘space’ race Phones could feed your parking meter

Ever faked a cell phone call? You’re not alone

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AT&T's LTE device launch dates: Momentum 4G and Elevate 4G coming August 21st (but LTE coming later) http://thisismynext.com/2011/08/16/att-lte-momentum-4g-elevate-4g-launch-date/

Amazon releases secure cloud for government

News from gamescom:
Wii getting a redesign

Sony PlayStation 3 Price Cut Indicates PlayStation 4 Development

Two men face new charges in CNET scandal


Brandon from OHIO has a bone to pick with Tech Pundits


Well, I think you guys should know about this. I’m a huge football fan
(soccer) and I follow the English and Spanish leagues, Barclays Premier League and La Liga, very closely. I don’t have a Facebook account b/c I think Zuck is a D-Bag. But this may tempt me enough to get one.
If they keep streaming events that I can’t see anywhere else, I may ditch cable and get an FB account. But I hope this encourages Google+ to follow suit.

Love the show guys.




Hey Buzz Crew!

As awful and impeding as this patent-storm has been, I think somebody needs to play devil’s advocate here, and single out Apple versus Samsung. It’s easy to dismiss any and all of these patent lawsuits, but there are some which may in fact have some merit. Ever since the articles started appearing around April, showing comparative photos of the Samsung Galaxy S versus the iPhone 3GS, my opinion has been that Apple actually has a point with this one. The two lines of devices are so similar that it’s hard to believe that the Galaxy line was truly “”designed originally from the ground up”" by Samsung. What’s even more funny is the fact that Samsung has carved for themselves an identity as a kind of “”anti-Apple”" line, and YET…no other competitor draws more “”inspiration”" (let’s call it that) from the iOS devices than Galaxy. So which is it? Anti-Apple or Pseudo-Apple?

Anyway, all this is to illustrate the point that while the vast majority of patent lawsuits are pointless cash grabs and nothing more, we can’t deny the validity of at least a small handful of claims. While the notion of blocking sales throughout Europe may be a bit extreme, Samsung needs to admit that it drew maybe a bit too much inspiration from the iOS devices, so we can finally put this issue to rest.

– Alex from Ottawa, Canada


Hi BOL. While there is a ton of hype surrounding the new iPhone, I’m wondering about what apple will do with the iPod. I hope that they would have some special event surrounding the 10th birthday of the iPod. November 10th 2001, released


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