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Buzz Out Loud 1474: More pain for Sony (Podcast)

Sony is expecting $3.2 billion loss for its fiscal year and Sony's BMG Greece music site is hacked revealing more customer data. Google's idea of being a truly open platform goes through more growing pains and HP creates a whole new numbering system. That's "one plus" for you my friends.

Sony is expecting $3.2 billion loss for its fiscal year and Sony's BMG Greece music site is hacked revealing more customer data. Google's idea of being a truly open platform goes through more growing pains and HP creates a whole new numbering system. That's "one plus" for you my friends.

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Sony Sees $3.2 Billion Loss After Projecting Profit

PlayStation Network hack will cost Sony $170M

Sony’s Greek BMG site is the latest to be hit by hackers
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Google blocks Android movie rentals from rooted devices, blames DRM

Foursquare and Groupon Planning Distribution Deal

Hulu Plus locks arms with TiVo Premiere for TV streaming

HP: 'Touchpad will be better than number one' tablet

Foxconn to Suppliers: iPad 2 Production (and Next iPhone?) Will Not Be Delayed Due to Explosion

Apple to introduce curved-glass iPhone 5?

Amazon Hits iTunes Again With $0.99 Lady Gaga Album, Qualifies for Cloud Drive Storage Upgrade

Being ‘Technology-Infused’ Proves Taxing for Affluent

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Tony from South Carolina talks about his OS evolution


Hi BOLers,
I saw this story and thought you might be interested. We often hear of big tech companies that get their products hacked suing for punitive damages. Well here is a nice change.
A 14 year old boy from Tallaght (Pronounced Tal-ah), Dublin, Ireland tried to hack his Xbox, alerting Microsoft who believed their system was potentially under attack. Microsoft Ireland general manager, Paul Rellis revealed that they are working with this kid to develop his talent and help him use his skills for legitimate purposes.
I have to say that I was impressed with that and wish more companies would act like this.
P.S. I have no involvement with Microsoft, or with any individuals in this case. I just thought it might be an interesting story for your wider audience.

Dublin teen (14) in new Xbox hack alert


Hey Crew,

Reporting Live from Joplin, MO where we have been devastated by tornadoes last night.

Wanted to express how important it is to have your PHONE updated for emergencies. My kids (14,16, and 18) were home while wife and I were out of town. Because of my Samsung Mesmerize, I was able to track the storm with my weather app, and listen to local radio stations using TuneIn Radio app which allows you to listen to streaming radio stations from around the world. I was able to monitor the storm from 200 miles away and give my children direction and keep them safe.

Fortunately, they were safe and we sustained no damage.

Don’t delay…make sure you have a good weather app and TuneIn Radio or similar app on your phone in preparation for weather emergencies.

Also, Cable internet is out, so I am having to use my phone as a wifi hotspot to send this email. GOD! I love technology.

Steven Platt

Joplin, MO


Hi Buzzcrew,

Long time listener - passionate geek - love the program - this is no-brainer for you guys?

Today is Geek Pride Day!

I have a survey from my client Modis (an IT staffing firm) that has some interesting insight into cultural perceptions of Geeks.

Some of the highlights include:
Nearly one-fifth (17%) of Americans self identify themselves as being a geek
Modis' survey found that nearly twice as many people would prefer to be called a geek (41%) rather than a jock (22%)
Overall, people are much more wary of being called a "Nerd" than a "Geek." Even Geeks are much less comfortable being called a "Nerd" than a "Geek." A majority (87%) of survey respondents who self identified as a geek were more comfortable being labeled a geek than a nerd (61%)
Typically Americans define a geek as someone who is extremely intelligent (45%), can be relied on for technology advice (56%) and a first adopter of technology (45%)
Geeks and non-geeks agree that a geek is THE "go-to" person to ask for tech advice

Let me know if you want the full study for BOL today.

Thanks guys!

Jordan Drake


Hey Buzz Crew,

In episode 1473 you mentioned a list of services not available in Canada. With regards to Google Voice and Skype phone numbers the problem is not with the companys but the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission) our version of the FCC prevents Google and Skype from obtaining Canadian phone numbers.

The CRTC Commisioners are mostly former executives in major telcos and only care about protecting their outdated business model and keeping competitors out of the market.

If you remember back in February the CRTC tried to bring in UBB with 25 gb data caps. Thankfully there was so much public outrage the government stepped in and quashed it.


John from Ontario, Canada

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