Buzz Out Loud 1411: Don't Hate the Zynga, Hate the Game! (podcast)

Zynga could be worth $10 Billion dollars, which means more CityVille spin-offs. Apple's new subscription policies are getting the attention of U.S. antitrust enforcers, all we want to do is dance, dance, dance and mice might be the key for Brian to keep his hair well past his 60s. Plus, Computer Love! Awwwww Yeah.

Brian Tong Editor / Video
Brian brings his high energy and edgy style to the CNET family, showcasing the latest and greatest in the tech world with substance to back up his style. Brian regularly appears on CBS, CNN, Headline News and local TV stations and radio networks while hosting several of CNET's popular franchises.
Brian Tong
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Zynga could be worth $10 Billion dollars, which means more CityVille spin-offs. Apple's new subscription policies are getting the attention of U.S. antitrust enforcers, all we want to do is dance, dance, dance and mice might be the key for Brian to keep his hair well past his 60s. Plus, Computer Love! Awwwww Yeah.

Watch this: Ep. 1411: Don't Hate the Zynga, Hate the Game!


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Manny – his thoughts on the whole Nokia+MS


Hi Buzz crew, as a response to Scott the podcaster in Ottawa, the City Library of North Vancouver has 18 kobo e-books that anyone with a library card can rent out for free. I believe that it’s loaded with popular books, and more books can be downloaded from the library’s website.

So I guess Canada is where the wild kobo roam.

Love the show.

Jawn from North Vancouver.


Buzz crew:

The Watson success over the “”human mortals”" at Jeopardy was truly great to watch. My non-techie wife was as enthralled watching as I was.
Probably a first time we both have been equally enthralled at something techie!

However, Watson was fed the questions in text/ASCII form at the time the question was asked. This is still a “”cheat”" compared to the human competition. I’d like to see a rematch with a microphone for Watson to “”hear”" and interpret the questions and a camera that monitors the board and cross checks the audio version of the question with what is on the board. This should be somewhat “”manageable”" compared to the major task they have already accomplished.

Neil (the Semiconductor marketing guy)

Gilroy, CA


Hi Buzz Crew!

I was listening to podcast #1410 where you talked about the new, harsher policies pertaining to hackers on Playstation’s network.

We have a PS3 and we play ALOT of COD:MW2 and lately the cheating seems to be getting out of control. Particularly, there is one hack where not only do they cheat for themselves and just make the game not fun, but on 3 separate occasions we have been the victims of an “”unlock”" code which unlocks everything for everyone in a particular game. We now have every title, badge and achievement in the game because we were victims of this, and it’s really annoying, because now there’s nothing to really do in the game anymore. SO I don’t think a lifetime ban is over the top at all, not when they can not only get into a game with a cheat, but essentially cheat FOR me.

Thanks, love the show




Hi buzz crew,
I’ve been listening since the days of Veronica and love the addition of computer love. I have a success story as well as a question. My boyfriend and I met online and fell for each other after the first date. We’ve been together 6 months and are practically living together.
Now for the question. He has all kinds of pictures of his ex on his computer’s screensaver. I’m not really a fan of falling to sleep to pictures of the two of them cycling through on the monitor across the room. How should I bring it up? I’ve mentioned “”oh, you and your ex… How nice”" a couple times, but he hasn’t gotten the hint.

Brandon From Illinois


Hey there Buzz Crew,

This Friday, February 11th is my 6th wedding anniversay. I met my wife back in 2001 while playing Dark Age of Camelot, a mideval themed MMORPG. We both played as clerics and were part of the same guild. Although we initially met during an epic monster raid, I didn’t make my first move on her weeks later. I happened to run into her while heading Castle Sauvage and I asked her if she wanted to kill some elves with me. That’s right, the pick up line I used to score with my wife was “”hey do you wanna go kill some elves”"! How’s THAT for romantic?

Our PVP session was essentially our first “”date”" and we had a blast. We met in person a few months later, IRL, and the rest is history. We’ve been married for 6 years, have two wonderful soon to be gaming kids, and I couldn’t be happier. She truly casted a healing spell on my heart.

If you read this on the air, CHRYSTAL I LOVE YOU :)

Shawn the Smite Cleric from Iseult


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