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Buzz Out Loud 1001: All your Face Page accounts are belong to us

Bozeman, Montana, has decided they need everyone's social network log-ins and passwords to conduct background checks on prospective employees. So cute. They call it Face Page.

Bozeman, Montana, has decided they need everyone's social network log-ins and passwords to conduct background checks on prospective employees. So cute. They call it Face Page. Plus we talk about the iPhone lines, and go to town on the need for copyright laws. Turns out we may not need them.

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Episode 1001

Live blog: iPhone 3G S launch day

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Third-party game accessories coming to iPhone and iPod Touch

Court orders Jammie Thomas to pay RIAA $1.92 million

Researchers conclude piracy not stifling content creation

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City in Montana requires job applicants to hand over all social network log-ins and passwords for background checks

Why hard disk is a better bargain than SSD

Voice mail

Tim Michigan has a replacement from IRL

Joe Sacramento solution for long ep 1000

Larry wishes us happy 1000

Dear buzz crew:
This is Siavash from Iran, I'm happy to report that in past few days the internet speed on ADSL lines is better and we can access the sites better, but our fight against the government still continues.
After Twitter support for Iran, today Facebook added Persian language to their languages and now Persian can use the Facebook in Persian. I know Google is going to do some changes in their service for Iran too.
I'm just amazed for the amount of support of American sites for Iranian users and their attention to Iran. And I just wanted to thank them all.
I want to add a BiG BiG thank you to all buzz town citizens that sent me mails and Facebook messages and you guys on Cnet for reading my mail and paying attention to what is going on here.


PS: Natali, I'm still the only Persian listener in Tehran, I have found other Persian listeners around the world, but not in Tehran

Best Regards

Siavash Ghahremany

Website: http://www.ghahremany.com


Hey Buzzheads,

I took a couple screengrabs when the chatroom went over 1000 users. One shows gknee smiling as we hit 1001, and the other is Molly conveniently toasting when we hit 1013. Both pics are in my flickr account. Here’s 1013 and here’s 1001. Hope you like them, and I love the show!

Joe in Glens Falls



Has anyone figured out what day Episode 2000 will occur? (assuming that
Buzz Out Loud makes it to episode 2000) – Mark