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Buy turkeys with your cell phone, for charity

$10 donations to City Harvest made when you text

gobble gobble

You can use your cell phone to send funny pictures to your friends, watch preview clips of your favorite TV shows, and vote for "American Idol" contestants. And now, you can buy turkeys with your phone too.

It's actually much deeper than that; I just thought that saying "buy a turkey with your cell phone" sounded funny. In actuality, this is part of Text-a-Turkey, a collaboration between mobile food ordering company Mobo and New York anti-hunger activist organization City Harvest to provide Thanksgiving dinners to New York City's neediest families. If you're a Mobo member, you can text "TURKEY" to 44626 and $10 will automatically be donated to City Harvest. You can also donate online at

A side note: Being generous is always a commendable thing, especially around the holidays, but I have a few qualms about "mobile ordering" in general. I know way too many people who have a tendency to "drunk-text" everyone they know. If they happen to be "drunk-ordering" with their cell phones on a wild Saturday night, well, that could get ugly. ("Um, who ordered these 10 pizzas?")