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Buy a 'life size' AT-ST Walker, you deserve it

A nearly life-size AT-ST Walker is up for sale and ready to be the crowning glory for your "Star Wars" collection.

AT-ST Walker
Why, yes, it is a giant AT-ST Walker.
Hollywood's Finest

After a long, hard day at work, you deserve to come home to the welcoming "arms" of a somewhat-life-size-but-not-really AT-ST Walker from "Star Wars." So go ahead, click over to eBay and pick one up for $15,700.

The 16-foot-tall Walker replica is located in England, so you'll have to sort out the shipping arrangements, but it will be worth it. It probably won't fit inside your house, so I would recommend putting it in the front yard as the world's most awesome lawn ornament. It's weather-proofed to hold up to the UK rains.

The one-off piece of "Star Wars" memorabilia is being sold by a movie prop company called Hollywood's Finest, despite being located 5,400 miles from Hollywood. The AT-ST doesn't actually walk, but it does an admirable job of standing around while looking intimidating.

The head can be removed and placed between the legs for transportation. It even comes with its own trailer.

The prop is crafted from metal and wood. The size is certainly stunning, but it's still more than a few feet shy of the 28-foot height a real AT-ST Walker would stand, if there were such a thing as a real AT-ST Walker. But that's just nitpicking.

You know this will look great next to your azaleas and will be an excellent deterrent for keeping dogs off your lawn. "Star Wars" fans, however, will be attracted to it like Han Solo to Princess Leia.

AT-ST Walker
Here's a Tardis and the Incredible Hulk for size. Hollywood's Finest

(Via Geekologie)