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Buy a full-size Han Solo in carbonite for $7,000

Clear some space in your living room, your "Star Wars" action figures will be dwarfed by this life-size Han Solo embalmed in carbonite.

Han Solo in carbonite
Han Solo preserved for posterity. Sideshow Collectibles

When it comes to "Star Wars" collectibles, some stand out more than others. An AT-AT bed really makes a statement. A bloody Wampa-skin dress will differentiate you from the crowd. And owning a life-size Han Solo preserved in carbonite will set you atop a pedestal of fan dedication so high, you'll get dizzy from a lack of oxygen.

Sideshow Collectibles' Han Solo is to "Star Wars" as the life-size Iron Throne is to "Game of Thrones." It's a relative bargain, too. The Iron Throne costs $30,000, while Han will only set you back $7,000. Since it's over 7 feet tall, you can figure you're paying just under a grand for each foot of its magnificent grandeur.

The massive figure was first unveiled at Comic-Con in San Diego, but preorders open up on April 10. This should give you adequate time to decide if you should sell your entire collection of vintage "Star Wars" figures in order to afford this beast of a prop. Sideshow helpfully notes that "flexible payment plans" are available.

Life-size Solo looks like it doesn't cut corners. It includes Han-in-carbonite along with a glowing base, side components, and glowing blue system in the back. It looks so real, you could tell your friends you froze him yourself.

There's no word on whether Han Solo will be delivered to buyers by Boba Fett. Now all we need is a life-size Jabba the Hutt to go with it.

Han Solo in carbonite
Han Solo in carbonite is taller than most pro basketball players. Sideshow Collectibles

(Via Nerd Approved)