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Butt-dial to 911 spoils alleged drug deal

A suspected drug deal in Oregon goes awry when the alleged dealer accidentally dials 911 and the dispatcher listens in.

Raleigh Reynolds, the accused butt-dialer.

None of us is immune from being our own worst enemy.

We find ways to sabotage ourselves that aren't even assuaged by years of visits to our psychologists.

The extremely openhearted may, therefore, find a certain at-oneness with an alleged drug dealer whose bottom may have caused him to be arrested.

As KGW-TV deals it, Raleigh Reynolds, 25, was allegedly about to participate in a narcotic business transaction.

Unfortunately (at least for him), police say a 911 dispatcher got to listen in on the proceedings, as Reynolods inadvertently called it in.

"It got a chuckle around the department because they don't make it that easy, usually," officer Aaron Christopherson told the police.

The 911 call was received just after midnight last Monday.

And the dialogue seemed somewhat incriminating. For example: "OK, cause I got 40 on me, so the only issue is seeing the product before I purchase."

I hadn't been aware that merely seeing a product was ever enough before purchasing. Though that does help to avoid buying, say, a wooden iPad.

The recorded butt-dial continued like this: "Yah, I definitely need a 40...and please let it be good. I'm so tired of getting ripped off."

The dispatcher concluded that it was unlikely that the conversation was about a 40-shot frappucino.

So, with the help of GPS technology, the call was traced to a back alley in Molalla, Ore., conveniently just one block from the police station.

The two suspects, a man and a woman, allegedly declared that no, they didn't have a cell phone.

However, the Molalla police have quite some IQ. They spoke loudly and, lo, the dispatcher could hear their voices.

Police allege that the drug involved was meth and Reynolds was charged with multiple felonies.

There is no record of what type of cell phone might have been the police informant.