But officer, I didn't see a thing...

Siemens is working on a device that reads speed limits for you

A device that reads road signs. We're not sure if this is good or bad news: On one hand, it seems certain to improve safety; on the other, it means one less excuse if we get pulled over.

Siemens is developing a gadget that scans posted speed limits and matches them with your speedometer in real time. It then compares the numbers in front of your windshield and warns if you're going too fast.

But we won't be canceling our next optometry appointment just yet. According to The Raw Feed, the system is probably two years away. So the next time we get caught going 85 in a 55-mph zone, we'll still have to claim that a tree must have been blocking the last sign. Wish us luck.

(Photo: Siemens)