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But can it read your doctor's writing?

Another digital notepad on the market

Despite all the tablet computers in the world, few people would choose to write longhand using a screen and a stylus when paper is an option, as fellow Craver Leslie Katz observes. Taiwan-based Genius knows this well, which is why it has developed the G-Note 7100, a digital tablet that MobileWhack says will let you store your chicken scratches on the computer through a USB connection.

That's hardly unique--it's really the point of having such products, after all--but the Genius model does have some other convenient features. One is that it can use any letter-sized notepad, unlike some other products that require special (and expensive) paper. And the $160 price is slightly more affordable than competing tablets.

But the real test, as with all products of this kind, will be the quality of its handwriting-recognition software. We still haven't seen one that's a match for our doctor's hieroglyphics.