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Business travelers: one less excuse to be jaded

Samsung will provide free wireless charging terminals at New York's JFK airport.

Sitting on the floor of LAX last summer, my cell phone plugged into an outlet that looked as if it might catch fire at any moment, I thought to myself, "There must be a more civilized way of doing this."

Turns out, there is. This month 50 mobile charging stations with four outlets each will be installed at JFK airport in New York for this express purpose, and--bonus--it's free. Travelers will have access to the outlets to recharge their laptops, phones, PDAs, etc. in every single terminal at the airport.

The original idea was to use the stations to generate some revenue for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, according to Business Travel News. Then Samsung jumped in to provide the stations for free as a way to celebrate/remind consumers that it's been operating in the U.S. for 10 years now. Next up will be bus and train stations, says the Port Authority.

(Hey Samsung, we West Coasters need charging stations too!)