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Burrito Bomber drone drops non-weaponized meals

Our dreams of snack delivery by unmanned flying machine didn't die with the Tacocopter. The Burrito Bomber has stepped up to fill the void.

Launching Burrito Bomber
Did someone order a breakfast burrito with extra red chile?
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

We all wanted so badly for the Tacocopter to be real, but the supposed Silicon Valley quadrocopter taco delivery service was just a clever fake, designed to appeal to our most basic desires for Mexican food delivery by airborne gadget.

Just because we've had our hopes dashed once doesn't mean we shouldn't come back for more. A new hope has arisen. It's called the Burrito Bomber. As its name might suggest, the Burrito Bomber is a flying drone capable of dropping a burrito payload from the sky.

The drone comes from Darwin Aerospace, a small research group that loves to play with flying things. Darwin also loves to share, so all the code and 3D models used to create the bomber are available for free.

The foundation of the system is a SkyWalker X8 Flying Wing rigged to carry a Burrito Delivery Tube. The tube can be triggered to drop on demand. A parachute eases the burrito tube to earth, where it can be picked up, opened, and the burrito unwrapped and eaten.

Unfortunately, the Burrito Bomber is not a commercial product and likely won't be a for a long time, if ever. At least video evidence shows it to be a lot more real than the Tacocopter... and more filling.

(Via BoingBoing)