Burgers become true fast food at 87 mph

A cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand, has employed a unique tubing system inspired by "Futurama" to deliver food to patrons at super speeds.

C1 Espresso

One cafe wants to redefine "fast food."

Inspired by the Tube Transport System in "Futurama," Sam Crofskey of C1 Espresso in Christchurch, New Zealand, is installing a system of pneumatic tubes that will deliver mini burgers (sliders) and nachos to tables at speeds of up to 87 miles per hour.

It's not exactly a new technology; pneumatic tubes have been used to transport messages since the 1850s, and have subsequently been employed over the years as a secure transportation method for cash and medications, as well as an alternative to trains. Indeed, C1 has been using a smaller system to transport orders to the kitchen. By combining the two systems, C1 hopes to reduce wait times -- and toss hotter, fresher food into the bargain.

Crofskey has employed local engineering company Lamson to install a 500-metre system of larger tubes designed to carry heavier loads to deliver food to every table -- at this point in time, only one tube is operational. The food itself is delivered in metal cannisters as opposed to the plastic ones usually used to transport paper -- as you can imagine, you wouldn't want one coming at your head.

As a safety measure, Lamson designed custom air brakes and air-pressure pockets to slow the food to a safer velocity before it reaches the table.

The system will open for service at the end of January.

(Source: CNET Australia)