Brush up on April Fools' Day early with Burger King toothpaste

It's no mis-steak -- or is it? Lettuce at least pretend Whopper toothpaste is real, because this prank is so well-done.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper

You've got to admire the folks who start their April Fools' Day pranks early. Not only do they show they prepared in advance, but they make you wonder ... since it's not the official day yet, could this be real?

So kudos to Burger King France for posting a video on Wednesday advertising Whopper toothpaste.

"Our flame-grilled Whopper is so good that some people will do anything to keep the taste in their mouth," the video claims.

The star of the ad says he didn't brush his teeth for two weeks to try and keep that Whopper flavor bouncing around his incisors, but sadly, his wife dumped him because of it. The solution? Get Whopper toothpaste, which comes complete with "total whitening onion, daily fresh tomato and anticavity steak."

Great prank, right? Hey wait a minute, it sure seems fake, but then again, White Castle has slider-scented candles, and KFC Hong Kong has finger-lickin' good chicken-flavored nail polish. It's a rare prank that's this well-done.