Bright-red Samurai hell-burgers on the menu for Burger King

Burger King Japan is expanding its universe of surreal burger offerings with a tomato-red bun and red-cheese sandwich slathered in a spicy sauce.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Burger King Japan Aka Samurai burger
This is a spicy bite of a colorful burger. Burger King Japan

I'm not a fan of fast food, but I probably would be if I lived in Japan, the land of weird fast food creations like fried-chicken computer keyboards and black burgers complete with black cheese.

Burger King Japan wasn't content to sit on the dark side of the color spectrum. It's gearing up to offer a red burger stacked with red cheese.

We're not talking about an undercooked patty with raw meat inside. We're talking about a glowing-red bun, a slice of tomato for dramatic effect and matching bright-red cheese. It's called the Aka Samurai Burger. "Aka" means "red." There's no word on whether you'll need a katana blade to cut it.

The eye-catching red color comes from the use of tomato powder. The hell-burger is decorated with a spicy sauce, of course. Burger King Japan describes it as "angry" sauce.

Not into beef? No problem. There's also an Aka Samurai chicken burger variant. The oddball burgers will debut on menus July 3.

Something about these weird comestibles captures the geek imagination. Let's consider who would want to eat this glaringly red burger. The black burgers are obviously geared for goths and Darth Vader. The scarlet ones seem perfect for Hellboy fans and Melisandre, the Red Priestess from "Game of Thrones." For the night is dark and full of burgers.

Burger King Japan Aka chicken
Burger King Japan rolls out a chicken sandwich with flair. Burger King Japan

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