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Building turned into the world's biggest game of Mastermind

A building in Sweden has been turned into a giant version of code-breaking board game Mastermind that anyone can play using a web interface.

Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET

Do you want to show the world how brilliant you are at Mastermind? Now you can -- well, Stockholm, at least, anyway. Sound artist Håkan Lidbo and a team of students from the Royal School of Technology have collaborated to turn the windows of the Nod building into a playable version of the board game.

The Play the House set-up uses a bunch of Philips Hue colour-changing LED bulbs as the coloured pegs. Every night, from 6pm through to 6am -- when it is dark enough to see the lights -- the building transforms into the gameboard, with a camera nearby streaming the game live on the Play the House website.

"When a small board game is being blown up in this size, and you realize how easily it's done, you wonder if architects all over the world shouldn't consider making their houses look more like games," Lidbo wrote.

"This is not the first time a building gets animations with lights, but these installations are normally very expensive and complicated. Play the House is set up in a few hours and taken down even faster, then it can move on to the next building that needs to be gamified."

Anyone with a web connection or mobile phone can jump on the Play the House website and have a go. When you open the page, you become a spectator, with a button at the top of the page allowing you to join a queue to play against another person. Don't forget to check out the game's rules on the left-hand side of the page.