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Group wants to build wall to stop techies returning from Burning Man

A humorous online crowdfunding appeal says it'll only take $7.3 billion to build a 300-mile-long wall. This will ensure that San Francisco will become a saner place again, as Burning Manners will be kept out.

The Wall should look something like this. Cultivated Wit/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

The concept of building walls to separate people is currently quite popular.

It worked so well in Germany, after all.

So I'm uplifted beyond credence by a new Indiegogo-type appeal for a wall that its sponsors believe should be urgently built.

Like some appeals on the actual Indiegogo, this one is intended to be humorous.

However, like many humorous things, it's there to make you think. For this appeal wants to raise $7.3 billion to build a 300-mile-long wall that would stop those who go to Burning Man from ever returning to San Francisco.

You might think this extreme. However, isn't hanging around with muddied people in extreme heat while you take drugs of troubled provenance also extreme?

Worse, hasn't Burning Man become more commercialized than the Super Bowl? Didn't Mark Zuckerberg helicopter in for just one day? Haven't Larry Page, Elon Musk and a host of other flamingly successful techy types turned up and sojourned at Burning Man in some splendor?

This particular appeal comes from Cultivated Wit, a troupe that makes Comedy Hack Day. This is a day when you can try to build apps that are even more ridiculous than the ones that are already being built.

In its YouTube video, the group calls it the most ambitious crowdfunding project ever. They say that the 300-mile-long wall must stretch from Point Reyes to Santa Cruz in order to keep the Burners from returning and boring us with endless tripe about, well, how great it was at Burning Man.

One idea would be, of course, to get Donald Trump to supervise this wall's building. However, why can't we build it ourselves?

We can, as Cultivated Wit's presenter explains, "come together and never have to hear about Burning Man bulls*** again."

This is all about making "the best week in San Francisco last forever." (Burning Man begins August 31.)

Of course, if we can prevent the techy types from ever returning, it will bring a new sartorial grace, a fresh smile of modest happiness and even affordable apartments back to the city by the bay.

All in all, you are not another brick in the wall. You are someone who can contribute.

Please do it, before our culture finally slides into a desert of smug despair.