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Build a bamboo battery pack with stackable JuiceCan

One of these stackable USB power packs is enough to charge your phone and tablet; seven gives you a mini power station.

Rainbow bright: JuiceCans could also become body massagers and speakers.

If you've been hit by a natural disaster recently, you know you can't put too high a price on mobile power supplies.

If your phone is dead and the grid is unreliable, JuiceCans are one way to keep communicating with loved ones.

This Indiegogo fundraising project centers on a stackable USB power pack called a JuiceCan. Add more packs to form a JuiceCane and you get more power.

Designed to look like segments of a bamboo tree, and available in rainbow colors, each JuiceCan can carry a charge of 7800 milliampere-hour (mAh), enough to charge an iPhone 5 three times or an iPad twice, according to maker AMP Tech.

Stacking seven cans together would give you 54,600 mAh, according to the startup.

The cans have two USB ports so they can juice two devices at a time, as well as an LED light that shines for 200 hours.

Each can weighs 200 grams, about 7 ounces.

AMP Tech is trying to raise about $24,000 in 70 days for the campaign. Early-bird investors can get a JuiceCan for $33.

It's also planning to create offbeat products like lampshades, speakers, and body massagers with the cans; check them out here.

I'd love to have something like this that fits in my back pocket. Or, better yet, on a key ring. Then again, I'm always losing my keys.