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Budweiser's intimate, dangerous way to make Facebook friends

The brewing company's Brazilian arm creates cups, which, if you clink them together to say cheers, turn both parties into Facebook friends. Oh, how difficult.

The more Buds, the more friends?
Budweiser Brazil/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

So you've had a couple of beers.

You meet a nice person of your target sex. Well, they seem nice, given that you've had a couple of beers.

At some point, one of you raises your beer cup to clink cups with the other.

The minute the cups clink, you are indelibly linked. At least you are if you're using Budweiser's special Facebook-friending cups.

I am intimately grateful to HyperVocal for warning me of this new creation, which comes from Budweiser in Brazil.

The so-called "Buddy Cup" requires you to use your cell phone to expose your Facebook profile to the chip that's embedded in the cup.

Then, as you continue to drink and make friends, all you need to identify them (and yourself as being with them) is to clink cups and your two Facebook profiles will be linked for all the world (or enough of it, at least) to see.

This is social serendipity. Or merely slightly dippity.

Some might be engaged by the idea that all it takes to make yet another Facebook friend is to drink a little beer and touch the cup of another.

However, some might already be engaged. So the mere offering of cheers can cause a proffering of nasty words from their fiancee when they get home. Should they get home.

Facebook, by its very nature, means exposure. It means putting yourself out a little further every day.

This touching little device allows others to believe that you have been out, in search of, well, company. And you've instantly found it.

I am sure that some will be vastly entertained by waking up after a night when they got truly toasted to discover how many people they truly toasted.

There is, something, though, that seems even more disturbing about this idea and the video that accompanies it.

It's the tagline: "The More Buds, The More Friends."

Might this be scientifically proven? Or could it be a slightly perverse fantasy?

My own research tells me that the more Buds people drink, the less friendworthy they become.

Their speech begins to resemble a baboon's expectoration and their demeanor can range between the intolerably knowledgeable and the boorish.

Surely it's worth using slightly more discreet ways to make contact with your fellow human. You know, like requesting their names and phone numbers.