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BudTrap traps your buds, but not your bud's buds

These patent-pending accessories aspire to help you control your earbuds' cable clutter.

My 'buds! They're trapped!

I have this problem all the time: I want to kick out the jams on my iPod Nano but my earbuds are all mixed up with my cab receipts, Jolly Rancher candies, and slips of paper with hot girls' phone numbers. The BudTrap wants to be a solution to that problem.

It's a doughnut-shaped clip for the audio end of your earbuds. The idea is to wrap the cables around your iDevice (or, really, any device) and then stick them into the "pinchers" on the side of the BudTrap to keep them from tangling.

It holds them in place so you don't lose them, but more importantly it lets you unwind them quickly, so when that one dude with the thousand-yard stare looks like he's about to ask you for your number you can unwrap the cords and rock on in no time.

They're made by an Australian start-up called, oddly enough, BudTrap, and run for $6 apiece and come in a dozen different colors. The company also offers two- and five-packs and a special "Xmas Pack" for the holidays. But you'd better order quick if you want to get them under my tree in time for the holidays.