Buck naked coders wanted in Buckinghamshire?

Software development firm Nude House in the U.K. is looking for totally naked female Web coders--or a totally gullible public.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Many cubicle hounds wish they could work in a more open office environment. You can't get much more open than the office environment at Nude House, an alleged Web software developer in Buckinghamshire, England. If stories currently circulating the Web are to be believed, the company is looking for female coders and salespeople of any gender who are willing to work in a completely naked office setting. That's right, not even shoes are allowed.

Now, we're almost willing to bet our skivvies this will turn out to be some sort of viral Internet spoof. If it doesn't, just think of the weight basic office decisions would take on. Aeron chair? No way; that mesh material will leave marks. Hot coffee in the break room? Maybe something room temperature would be safer. Best to keep that stapler at a distance, too.

Click to get a better glimpse at this highly improbable Craigslist post.

The population of skilled Web coder naturists may be small, but the offer of a roughly $40,000 yearly salary could be enough to get a potential employee to consider stripping down. "There are no external benefits to having a nude workforce, just pleasure for all concerned," Taylor said. Purely professional pleasure, I would expect.

Taylor told us five staff members are already working at Nude House. He isn't concerned about any issues cropping up in a mixed gender office full of coding geeks in their birthday suits. "There are strict rules to stop any messing about, so I think those, plus their own professionalism, will ease over most problems there could be," he said.

Plus, Taylor promises that working at Nude House will be "great fun"--unless of course, the newly hired employees are just part of some giant nude pyramid scheme.