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Bubble-wrap bike is top of the pops

A crazy invention brings together a giant roll of bubble wrap with a bicycle to create a machine that pops as it rolls.

Bubble-wrap bike
This is way louder than a playing card in the spokes.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Magician and comedian Eric Buss is the new king of pop. He recently combined two favorite human-powered activities, popping bubble wrap and riding a bike, into one. His bubble-wrap-bike creation is a non-stop plastic pop-fest.

Buss uploaded a short video of himself taking the bike for a ride down a neighborhood street. The concept is pretty simple. A massive roll of bubble wrap is mounted on top of the bike, above and a little forward of the front wheel. It unfurls a continuous sheet of bubble wrap underneath the tires as the bike is ridden. Much noise is gleefully made.

The homemade bike contraption is about as silly as they come. It's also a rolling road hazard, but it looks like Buss is bright enough not to take it out of the neighborhood. It could use some refinements. A mechanism for picking the bubble wrap back up and reusing it would be a nice improvement.

As it is, the bubble-wrap bike does deliver on maximum bubble-bursting mayhem. Just don't expect to find this in the accessories department of your favorite bike shop anytime soon.

What the world really needs is combination of the cardboard bike and the bubble-wrap bike. Then, we'll have the ultimate packing-materials cycle.