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Browser theme creator Brand Thunder acquires rival

BrowserNation is now a part of its erstwhile competitor, a move that increases Brand Thunder's reach to new brands such as EMI and new markets such as Latin America.

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Stephen Shankland
Brand Thunder offers skins from many clients so  fans can customize their browsers.
Brand Thunder offers skins from many clients so fans can customize their browsers. screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

Fancy a Shakira-themed browser?

As of today, you can get it from Brand Thunder, a company that creates themes to let people reskin their browsers to declare allegiance to bands, colleges, sports teams, and more. That's because Brand Thunder just acquired its biggest rival, BrowserNation.

Brand Thunder logo

The acquisition means Brand Thunder has 25 percent more brands to tout, the company said today, giving it more clients in Europe and Asia and giving it a foothold in Latin America. Among its new clients are EMI, UMG Latin, and Epic Records.

"Given the changes in the once-stable browser market, it makes sense to combine efforts and deliver this powerful communication tool across all leading browser platforms," said BrowserNation chief operating officer Romain Rousseau in a statement.

Brand Thunder offers skins for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. In addition to the themes it creates, it lets people make their own.