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Bringing the old Polaroid snapshot back to life

The company is reportedly working on a digital frame that resembles the old instant photo.

Ironic Sans

If there's one gadget that's been egregiously over-produced, it's the digital photo frame. We've never understood the need for so many brands, versions, and sizes, except for the networked Ceiva (though we're not so sure about the whole refrigerator thing).

So if companies insist on making these already-overdone products, we appreciate some originality--as in the idea for a retro-styled Polaroid snapshot lookalike conceived by photographer Dave Friedman. The people at Polaroid apparently agree, according to Stuff, because they're working to make the concept a reality.

As originally envisioned, the wireless frame would present photos from a memory card as a slideshow or as images slowly being developed, mimicking the process of the old-school instant camera. It even includes the familiar white space under the image where a dry marker can be used to write in captions. Brilliant.