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Bring back the Jerry Sanders show

An EETimes columnist weighs in on AMD's troubles, and suggests a return by its flamboyant founder could cure its ills.

Say what you want about Advanced Micro Devices founder Jerry Sanders, but he was never boring.

Mark LaPedus of EETimes appears to be pining for those days, when a Sanders press conference was almost guaranteed to produce something snarky, controversial, or just funny. He suggests (perhaps somewhat tongue in cheek) that a return by Sanders to AMD's management team could help fix the mess AMD is currently in.

"He couldn't do any worse than AMD's current management, which squandered its technology lead over Intel. What a waste," LaPedus wrote. AMD is floundering right now as Intel has regained its competitive footing, and an easy solution does not appear to be around the corner.

AMD's pinning its hopes for this year on Barcelona, a quad-core server processor that it hopes will put it a cut above Intel. The company has shown a little of Sanders' fire in talking up its "native quad-core" chip, hoping to imply that Intel's strategy of putting two dual-core chips in the same package is crude and undignified. But it's going to take more than feisty statements for AMD to regain its momentum.