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Bring back Amazon results to Google Shopping

With browser extension Shopping Enhancer, you can make Amazon and Google play nice when comparison shopping.

Attention all shoppers. With the browser extension Shopping Enhancer, you can get Amazon listings back among your Google Shopping results.

You may not have noticed, but Amazon prices no longer show up in Google Shopping searches. According to the New York Times, last fall Google started requiring retailers to pay to be included in Google Shopping results, and Amazon opted not to pony up. As a result, to see pricing information for a product from the two e-commerce giants requires two separate searches. Unless you install Shopping Enhancer, that is.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, Shopping Enhancer delivers Amazon results to Google Shopping. After installing the extension, simply conduct a search via Google Shopping and if Amazon carries the product, you'll see it listed among the results.