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Brin wears his Google glasses on NYC subway: Um, why?

Looking for all the world like a jewel thief, Google's co-founder is spotted on New York's most pristine mode of public transportation wearing the future on his nose.

Noah Zerkin/Twitter With Permission

In recent times, Google's Sergey Brin has become an ambulating, flying billboard for his company's next great invention, Google Glasses.

These things will project all the information you need to know (Mariah Carey just kissed someone!) straight into your eyes, as you bump into another fellow human, who is trying to take in the winner of the 3:30 race at Belmont Park.

Yesterday, though, Brin took his glasses for a very curious roam into the depths of New York's subway.

In this place where drunks commune with priests, strippers, Wall Street fiends and administrative associates, Brin sat calmly, dressed like a team member from "Ocean's Eleven."

We know this because, as the Next Web reports, he was spotted by Noah Zerkin, who just happens to be rather fond of augmented reality himself.

Zerkin tweeted the image and explained: "Yeeeah... I just had a brief conversation with the most powerful man in the world. On the downtown 3 train. Nice guy."

Some will muse futuristically about the concept that Brin is the most powerful man in the world -- especially on this, Inauguration Day.

However, Zerkin explained to a tweeting questioner: "@kinster as I recall, Forbes did in fact name him the 5th most powerful person in the world, so it's not a stretch."

What might be a stretch is to imagine that Brin was actually being pumped with information through those goggles.

In reply to another tweeter who suggested that Brin was probably playing Words With Friends while talking to him, Zerkin replied: "@mturetsky I doubt it. I'd bet that even Mr. Brin has to deal with being offline on the NYC subway."

One wonders where Brin will be seen with the world's future on his nose next. Who would not want to write the headline: "Brin seen in the Hustler Club wearing Google Glasses"?

Still, how lovely to think that -- one day -- we might all be able to sit on the New York subway and not just stare blankly at others, wondering about the sources of their pain.

Instead, we could use facial recognition technology embedded in our Google Glasses to identify them. The next step would be to discover exactly where they'd been the night before.

After all, everyone posts everything they do instantly on Facebook, so all we'd have to do is ask our glasses to get us those pictures.

Then we'd sit there, quietly tittering to ourselves.

The future's bright, it really is.