Brilliant special effect shocks men in bar bathroom

In order to shock people into understanding the consequences of drunk-driving, a fake mirror is installed in a bar bathroom and a mannequin smashes his head into it, in front of stunned hand-washers.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
Smashing. Leo Burnett Worldwide/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

How can you get a tipsy man in bar not to drive his car home?

One thought might be to shock him so much when he goes to the bathroom that he has to rush (on foot) in the direction of the nearest ER to have his heart-rate reduced.

This highly entertaining PSA shows a bathroom in an unnamed British bar. It was created on behalf of the U.K's Department of Transportation.

Many Brits like to drink more than they eat. And with many bars still having very limited opening hours many men (and an increasing number of women) like to down six or seven pints of chilly lager and then drive off for a curry.

Please, then, view the reactions of these men who, as they wash their hands (yes, they're still vaguely sober) are confronted with a mannequin smashing into the bathroom mirror and bleeding from the head.

Judging by the stunned nature of their faces and the no-doubt sudden flipping of their entrails, I wonder how many even stopped to consider what the message was.

On the other hand, who mightn't suspect that -- given this comes from an ad agency -- these are, in fact actors?

One can just imagine a lone producer calling an insurance company and asking for a rate on being able to shock the semi-sober or the myopically drunk in a public place.

And how long would it have taken to set the mirror up again anyway?

I wonder, though, whether some (British) men would react to this fine attempt at bringing attention to a serious problem by going back to the bar and finding room for a couple more pints of brown and mild (look it up) and three whiskey chasers.