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Bridgestone tablets are huge because they can be

The company, best known for tires, is targeting businesses with large, color e-paper displays on tablets up to 21 inches.

With Bridgestone's new AeroBee line of tablets as large as 21 inches, the "Texas effect" has finally hit the tablet market.

That's when companies take an existing product or concept and blow it up to a point at which it becomes so big as to be impractical, just because they can...kind of like so many oversize Hummers on the streets of suburban Dallas or Houston.

Bridgestone recognizes the impracticality of such a product for consumers, of course, which is why the company better known for its tires doesn't plan to offer them to us...just yet. Instead, the AeroBee is meant to show off its color electronic paper technology for commercial purposes.

Think of walking into your local coffee shop and rather than reading the menu scrawled on a big chalkboard, you can scroll through it using the AeroBee mounted to the counter. Bridgestone also envisions the devices installed at airports, on commuter trains, in offices and, yes, eventually in the home. I particularly enjoyed this image of our future life, dominated by redundant screens; get ready to stand in line at the tire store to come home with four new radials and a titanic tablet!

Bridgestone's suggested home uses for electronic paper tabs. Bridgestone