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BrickArms supplies weapons for LEGO soldiers

BrickArms is a company that releases custom LEGO accessories.


If there's a problem with LEGO, it's that they simply aren't violent enough. Sure, you might get some swords or a gun or two in different sets, but not nearly enough to wage a genuine LEGO war. That puny plastic revolver and handful of tiny swords just aren't going to cut it for your army of tiny plastic soldiers.

Gadgetell has discovered BrickArms, a company that makes tiny, LEGO-sized guns for your LEGO-sized troops. BrickArms makes 22 different LEGO weapons ranging from pistols to assault rifles to rocket launchers. The company's weapon selection is surprisingly robust; it has standard shotguns and assault rifles for LEGO soldiers and special forces, a magnum revolver for LEGO Dirty Harry, a Walther PPK for LEGO James Bond, an M23 SOCOM pistol and PSG1 rifle for LEGO Solid Snake, and even a surprisingly accurate M41A plasma rifle for LEGO space marines. If that's not enough, they also have tiny briefcase Uzis for setting up failed LEGO drug deals.

The weapons are pretty useless without figures to hold them (although even then, they're still not exactly useful), so BrickArms also makes several custom mini-figures. LEGO probably hasn't considered producing tiny plastic terrorists, nevermind tiny plastic Nazis. The new Indiana Jones LEGO sets seem fun, but sadly the "German soldiers" just don't seem evil enough. LEGO Indiana Jones needs some real Nazis to thwart.

At $1 a pop for each tiny gun and $10 for each figure set (which include several accessories, including guns), they're a cheap way to expand your LEGO arsenal. On the other hand, if you look at your LEGO sets and think: "These really need more guns, terrorists, and Nazis," your biggest problems probably aren't budget-related.