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Breasts lead to arrest of Anonymous hacker

Police allege that an Anonymous hacker posted a picture of his presumed girlfriend's breasts as a taunt to U.S authorities. The picture allegedly contained GPS information that led the FBI to her.

The image that allegedly led police to the hacker.
Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Pride in one's lover's bodily parts can lead to a fall in one's own bodily security.

That seems to be the lesson from the tale of an alleged hacker, Higinio O.Ochoa, a 30-year-old Linux administrator from Galveston, Texas, who was arrested by the FBI and charged with unauthorized access to a protected computer.

The accusation, as described by the Sydney Morning Herald, is that Ochoa hacked into several Web sites belonging to law enforcement.

Sometimes, though, the temptation to leave a calling card can be too great. So Ochoa allegedly used a Twitter account to direct people to a Web site when all the law enforcement information he'd supposedly hacked was on display.

Also on display was a picture of a woman, her breasts lowering themselves tantalizingly toward the camera, with a sign beneath them reading: "''PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w <3 u BiTch's''.

Now CabinCr3w is the apparent name of an Anonymous offshoot. And the "w0rmer" part? Well, the Twitter account linking people to the site was @AnonW0rmer.

However, the photograph of the breasts apparently linked authorities to Ochoa -- because, taken with an iPhone, it contained GPS information. The information allegedly suggested she lived in Melbourne, Australia.

Further burrowing led the police to discover a posting on Ochoa's Facebook page that allegedly revealed his girlfriend was Australian.

The claim is that police have managed to match pictures of her that Ochoa allegedly posted on Facebook to the breast image.

To the untrained eye, this might seem curious, as the Facebook pictures allegedly show her face, while the taunting picture does not.

Perhaps the authorities have gone beyond mere facial-recognition technology and are in possession of software that can match other bodily parts with astonishing accuracy.