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Bought an iPhone? Fortunately you can afford to sync it with myFunambol

You just spent up to $600 on your new iPhone...and can't afford to sync it. Never fear, Funambol is here (if you're a Windows or Linux user).

If you were able to sell your brother into indentured servitude to get an iPhone, you now face a new dilemma: how to get all of your contact/calendar/etc. data onto that gorgeous device. Well, here's a little blessing from the open source community: free, over-the-air (i.e., no cables) synchronization of all that grubby old data onto your shiny new device, courtesy of myFunambol.

myFunambol is currently by invitation only, but you can apply here by clicking on the "Sign up!" button.

Pretty impressive, if you ask me (you didn't). 48 hours after the launch Funambol has released an open source OTA sync for the most eagerly awaited mobile phone in the history of the industry.

The downside? No synchronization with Apple's software (see the compatibility chart, which seems like a glaring oversight. (Fabrizio: When are you going to realize that Apple's 5% market share represents the early adopter, technology influencer community and should be your first target, not your last? Even you acknowledged the first iteration of the iPhone is for a niche audience, but we apparently disagree on who that niche is....) Yes, many will be Windows users who live life in Outlook. But for those of us who use a Mac...no luck.