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Boston stadium name up for bid on eBay

Dream of seeing your name on a stadium? Temporary naming rights for the FleetCenter are on the block to raise money for charities.

Boston may be riding an unprecedented wave of professional sports success, but the city's local stadium is temporarily seeking a new name--and it's up for auction on eBay.

Delaware North Companies, owner and operator of Boston's FleetCenter, has offered eBay bidders a chance to win the rights to name the stadium for one full day. The promotion is aimed at raising money for one of the company's local charities.

The 19,000-plus capacity arena currently serves as home to the National Basketball Association's Boston Celtics and the National Hockey League's Boston Bruins franchises, in addition to hosting traveling shows and concerts. Delaware North has set up a string of eBay auctions, with bidding starting at $25, for individual days beginning on Feb. 16 and running through Feb. 28.

While the city recently celebrated the third championship in four years for its New England Patriots squad from the National Football League, and saw the Boston Red Sox conquer 86 years of frustration with a win in Major League Baseball's World Series, its stadium's name has been thrown into a period of temporary limbo.

Bank of America, which won the naming rights for the stadium in November of 2004, has ended its sponsorship agreement with Delaware North. The stadium owner is currently seeking a new sponsor to rename the stadium, but said that in the meantime it is using the opportunity to gather funding for the charities.

The auction is unorthodox for eBay, but is hardly the strangest offer to be posted on the site. In the past month, the company has nixed auctions set up by an Australian couple offering to let people bid on the naming rights for their unborn daughter and a British man trying to sell a deactivated Soviet-era missile.

In addition to gaining the rights to slap a custom moniker on the facility, winners will also get four premium tickets to see a Celtics home game, a reserved parking spot in front of the building, face time on the facility's Jumbotron and other signs, and front-page exposure on the arena's Web site. Delaware North also will change its voice mail systems for the day to feature the new names, and issue a press release to the media detailing auction winners.

The company has reserved the right to approve or deny any names for the arena submitted via the eBay auctions. All net proceeds garnered through the auction will be donated to the FleetCenter Neighborhood Charities, a nonprofit foundation that raises funds for children and families in the Greater Boston area.