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Bose debuts new in-ear headphones

Bose will soon begin selling its second-generation in-ear headphones, which include the IE2, MIE2 and MIE2i, a model geared toward users of Apple mobile products.

The Bose IE2 headphones ship August 23 and cost $99.95.

We weren't fans of Bose's first in-ear headphones, but maybe Bose will make a better impression with its new line of in-ear headphones, which include the IE2 audio headphones and the MIE2 and MIE2i mobile headsets, which are designed "specifically for music-enabled mobile phones." The company says each is engineered with proprietary Bose technologies for improved audio quality and feature new StayHear tips for "greater stability and a comfortable fit."

None of these models are noise-canceling or noise-isolating. While the IE2 headphones don't feature an in-line microphone for receiving cell-phone calls, both the MIE2 and the MIE2i do. The latter have been designed for Apple mobile products, including the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and MacBook Pro, and incorporate an in-line remote. Bose says MIE2i's mic gives you access to certain Apple voice applications and the in-line remote lets you adjust volume and navigate through music directly from the headset.

Along with improved sound, Bose is touting the new StayHear tips (three sizes are included), which are supposed to help the new earphones fit more securely in your ear. With its earlier in-ear headphones, Bose had some complaints from consumers about the fit and offered buyers some free extra tip options shortly after launch. For some people, including this CNET editor, the headphones never fit properly.

The IE2 audio headphones replace the Bose in-ear headphones and are available on August 23 for $99.95. The MIE2  headset ($129.95), which replaces the mobile in-ear headset, also arrives on the 23rd. Meanwhile, the Apple-centric MIE2i headset doesn't ship until October, but it, too, will retail for $129.95.

Bose's Apple-centric MIE2i headset arrives in October for $129.95. Bose