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Boring conversation? Snooze with phone pillow

Japanese carrier Willcom is offering subscribers this pillow headset just in case they can't stay awake.

The Hanashicom pillow will put you to sleep.
Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

If you can't bear to go beddy-byes without a goodnight from your sweetheart, or if the person on the other end of the line simply bores you to sleep, lay your weary head on the Hanashicom pillow.

The star-shaped headsets are fluffy pillows with embedded microphones and speakers that link to your phone.

Softbank group company Willcom is offering the pillows to new subscribers to its flat-rate Personal Handy Phone (PHS) service through the end of February.

Through Willcom's number of subscribers (4.2 million) is up from 10 years ago, PHS is still a minor network regarded as cheaper than regular cell carriers in Japan, and Willcom is the sole carrier.

PHS phones, however, are power-efficient, have weak electromagnetic signatures, and are often used in hospitals and care facilities.

Available in six colors, the Hanashicom pillows can connect to PHS or cell phones for hands-free chatting and, of course, dozing off.

Just be sure not to drool into the mic.

(Via Japan Trends)