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Borders-compatible Kobo and Aluratek e-book readers get price cuts

Borders responds to the new Amazon Kindle models by cutting the prices on its own e-book readers.

The Kobo eReader is now $10 cheaper than the Kindle--but it lacks the built-in Wi-Fi found on Amazon's model.

Borders is cutting the prices of its two compatible e-book readers.

Effective September 1, the Kobo eReader will retail for $129 (a $20 reduction), and the Aluratek Libre will cost $99.99 (down from $119). Both devices can be used to read books from Borders e-book store (which, in turn, is powered by Kobo).

The Borders price cuts come less than a week after Amazon's third-generation Kindle began shipping to consumers. At $139, the most affordable Kindle costs slightly more than Borders' offering, but it offers direct access to Amazon's e-book store via Wi-Fi. (The $149 Barnes & Noble Nook also includes built-in Wi-Fi.) By comparison, books for the Kobo and Aluratek models must be transferred to those readers after first being downloaded to a PC.

Borders is hoping to up the ante in the features department with the upcoming Velocity Cruz tablets. The Android-powered $199 and $299 models offer direct access to the Borders store via built-in Wi-Fi, as well as color LCD touch screens and additional media features. Both are currently available for pre-order at Borders.com.

Editors' note: This story was updated at 9:10am to reflect that the price cut takes effect on September 1.