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BookArc turns your MacBook into a desktop

A good-looking compact computer stand by Twelve South is designed to hold the laptop in a vertical position and therefore supposedly free up your desk space.

Twelve South

If you want to use your MacBook as a desktop (and I don't see why), there's now an easy and pretty way.

Mac accessory maker Twelve South released BookArc, a metal stand designed to hold any Apple MacBook, from the MacBook Air to the 17-inch MacBook Pro. The stand is designed to hold the laptop in a vertical position and therefore supposedly should free up your desk space. The BookArc has a compact footprint of just 10 inches long by 4 inches wide, which is significantly smaller than that of any MacBook.

The BookArc is equipped with a soft silicone cushion where it holds the laptop. The cushion comes in three sizes to accommodate different MacBook models and can be replaced easily. The stand also has silicone on its footpads to keep the surface of the desk from scratching.

The problem with this design, of course, is that the BookArc can only hold a MacBook when it's closed. To make use of the computer, you'll need a separate monitor and a set of keyboard and mouse as well as the video cable to connect the monitor to the MacBook. These extras will put quite a few things on the desk, instead of just the laptop itself.

The upside is BookArc looks pretty, with or without a MacBook in it.

So if pretty is what you're after, the BookArc is available now at the Apple Store for $50--or you can buy six of them for $250. Personally, I am happy with my Unibody MacBook Pro just the way it is.