BOL 1097: Beatles Bargain Basement Blowout!

Over at BlueBeat.com, the best MP3-selling Website you've never heard of, has got it all for your listening pleasure, the entire Beatles catalog in MP3 form for just 25 cents each! Get them while you can (which won't be long). In other news, file sharers

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
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Molly Wood
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Over at BlueBeat.com, the best MP3-selling Website you've never heard of, has got it all for your listening pleasure, the entire Beatles catalog in MP3 form for just 25 cents each! Get them while you can (which won't be long). In other news, file sharers might buy more music, Bittorrent might save the Internet, and Apple could save the networks (but kill cable).

Watch this: Ep. 1097: Beatles bargain basement blowout!


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BlueBeat first with legal Beatles downloads — or at least a hell of a lot of cheek.

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No, I'm not a lawyer but given that Joe Wilson is my congressman (oh, the pride I feel), maybe I'm a bit more entitled to blurt things out...

I found this text for the beginning of the 4th amendment..
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,..."

So what I'm thinking is this: couldn't we define email as an extension of your "papers" I'm not sure what they meant by "effects Perhaps some other member of this BOL community can weigh in.


(love the show)

Brad Edwards
Columbia, South Carolina


Hey Buzz Crew,

You’ve been getting me excited about the Nook, with its ability to loan a book out to a friend for up to two weeks. But I just heard that not only won’t you have this option for all publishers (which you may have mentioned), but even when a publisher supports it, you can only loan a book ONCE. So if I loan you a book and you’re too busy to even start it, I can’t loan it to you again, and nobody else can benefit from me loaning it out either. Thanks for wasting my ability to loan out that book! :)


Dan Vanderboom
Milwaukee, WI


So three guesses where I went today. I’ll give you a hint it rhymes with the Ficrosoft Smore. Yes, the wait is over and I’m happy to announce (although a I’m tiny bit bitter) that the Microsoft Store is in fact a success. First of all the place is HUGE and loaded with all
the best Microsoft using hardware (and no doubt the most expensive).
In the store there are plenty of Zunes and sleek laptops, but the things that seemed to really seemed to put the asses in the seats were the gigantic touched screened computers, Xbox 360 games as well as some surface like gaming tables. Now this store does look a lot like an Apple store and it would have been nice to see some originality but all in all I have to say that Microsoft did this right. Although I have yet to have seen the new Apple store that is under construction as of now. All I know it that It has swallowed the store next to it and is now twice as big as before. So needless to say I’m freaking out over what’s behind that big black box inclosing it and so are the people judging by how many of them were trying to sneak peaks through the crack in between the doors :) Apple better come back with something FREAKING AWESOME to top this new store.

- Aaron in OC