BOL 1076: You got served, through Twitter

In the UK you don't have to be in the presence of someone to serve them with legal papers. So now Twitter has become a way to get served.

In the U.K., you don't have to be in the presence of someone to serve them with legal papers. So now Twitter has become a way to get served. We also are happy that the U.S. government is taking cybersecurity seriously, but maybe they could lay off with the cyber prefix a little. And we try to care more about the Palm Pixi. We really do.

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Vista/IE market share slide, Win 7/Firefox/Chrome surge

Palm Pixi launching on October 20th?

GE is in talks to spin off NBC, give Comcast 51% of new unit

Court order served over Twitter

Researchers hijack a drive-bBy botnet

DHS to hire up to 1,000 cybersecurity experts

Sony prototype sends electricity through the air

A mobile phone mesh that can survive carrier network failure

Radio-controlled cyborg beetles become reality

Gas mask bra traps Ig Nobel prize

Justin Orlando on Cowboys

Snakes on a Plane is out on Blu-Ray Whoopie, it’s out!!

Time for a reunion episode with V and M extolling the values infused in
the minds of those watching this movie in glorious HD.

Rick (Balloon Scientist, Colorado)



In BOL 1075, you and Rafe were discussing props in sci-fi movies. This reminded me of my favorite recent example.

During a forced rewatching of Phantom Menace, I noticed something oddly familiar about Liam Neeson’s little communicator thingie. On closer look, it was clearly my wife’s Gillette Ladies Sensor Excell Razor Handle (which I see on the shower shelf every day) painted silver with a couple nub antennae stuck on the top.

I suspect Buzztown can come up with dozens of even better examples.


“Craemmir” (pron: cray-mer), in DC


Hey Buzz crew

Hi! I’m Tushar, from Ludhiana, India and probably the only listener in the town!!!
A couple of days ago When I checked in my facebook page, I was redirected to their page
and the cool thing was that I couldn’t revert back to the normal page!!!
On doing some research I came to know that it was a problem with a couple other users back here in India where facebook randomly picked them as their beta testers for but we all CANNOT go back to the normal facebook!!!!
Please read this e-mail on the show so the facebook guys at least know that we wanna go back, cause we people tried ( ) but its been a week but no-one from facebook replied or gave us the option to revert back
P.S. – facebook lite is cool for some users who do not want any clutter but it should not be mandatory for all!!!

Tushar Jain