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BOL 1066: Tinfoil phones

We finally get to the bottom of why Apple rejected the Google Voice app, how not to get caught for being a thief over Facebook, and we have plenty of sympathy for Palm.

We finally get to the bottom of why Apple rejected the Google Voice app, how not to get caught for being a thief over Facebook, and we have plenty of sympathy for Palm. Also, Rafe hates libraries and culture.

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Google Voice rejection came from the top at Apple

Facebook break leads to burglary suspect

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Palm losses mount despite the Pre

Palm abandons Windows Mobile

PSP minis lack network features for fast approval time

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Verizon boss hangs up on landline phone business

iPhone case that reduces radiation

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Gene Roddenberry’s Mac Plus is coming up for auction

Voice mail
Brian from Albany on Google making toys for geeks only

Mike from Irvine on Bing Bing Bing

Hey Buzz Crew,

If anyone out there want to upgrade to Windows 7 and is a student (valid .edu address, but theoretically has to provide proof of enrollment on demand), you can get either Home Premium or Professional (upgrade versions) for just $30!

At first it may seem like only Home Premium is offered, but if you click "I need to join my network's domain" at the bottom of the page, you will be presented with Professional. Which is one of very few reasons anyone would need Professional anyway, though they could make it a bit more obvious.

Thought your listeners should hear about this!

-Nick the Biochemistry Grad Student


Honestly I don’t understand why people aren’t talking about this more.
Libraries are a community resource of technology and learning and easy to take for granted.

On the one hand it’s great to see up close what the (supported by the Gates Foundation) does to support public libraries.
On the other, it’s hard to believe that America’s first library, set up by Ben Franklin, can close with very little fanfare.

Maybe Buzztown can start a campaign or just shout from Twitter or Facebook or their blogs, so this tragedy can get a voice?

Sheala, GA


I was listening to episode 1065 and you talked about Google putting out a printer for their online books.

I work in academia and I think this is bass-ackwards. It seems like they’re trying to make books more like PDFs (or whatever format) when what I want is for PDFs to be more like books. Writing in the margins and stuff like that is great, but I can’t keep 1000 books in my laptop case, or easily search them all for a word, or quickly sort them by publication date, etc.

Shouldn’t we work at bringing desired features to the new technology not adding features to the old technology? Let’s make PDFs have the features we love about books. Otherwise it feels like adding a hand crank starter to the engine on a Prius.

Just my thoughts.