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BOL 1065: HP is full of stupid

The new DreamScreen tablet from HP looks like what everyone wants from Apple at first glance. Until we dig deeper and find out it may be what nobody wants. The music publishers also seem like they're full of stupid too wanting to get a performance right

The new DreamScreen tablet from HP looks like what everyone wants from Apple at first glance. Until we dig deeper and find out it may be what nobody wants. The music publishers also seem like they're full of stupid too wanting to get a performance right for you watching a TV show alone in your room. And Cooley and I get in a knock-down over Kurt Cobain's proper presentation in Guitar Hero.

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Hey Buzzcrew,

Just listening to episode 1064 and had to comment on a quick way to handle turning off your check engine light, without having to even spend $20 on the device Rafe mentioned. Provided you've fixed the problem that caused the light to turn on, you can shut it off (in most cars I've worked on, can't speak for every model out there...) by simply unhooking the negative terminal of the car battery, letting it sit for about 20 minutes, then rehooking up the battery and starting the car. This basically resets the engine computer, and since the car will detect nothing wrong, as you've fixed the problem, the check engine light will stay off. The only downside is, you'll lose all your radio presets. Hope this helps someone out there.

Love the show!
Jeremy Hess


Regarding the XP issue from episode 1064, here are some additional details from Microsoft available in entirety at http://www.microsoft.com/oem/english/content/software/XPEOL.mspx. I'm looking forward to Windows 7 also.

On June 30, 2008, Microsoft will stop distributing Windows XP as a standalone product that can be bought shrink-wrapped in retail stores. We'll also stop sending it to Dell, HP, Lenovo, and all the other major PC manufacturers to sell on their PCs. This is called ―End of Sale‖.

That said, Windows XP isn't going to disappear overnight.

You may still see copies of the software--or computers preloaded with it--for months as stores and PC makers work through their inventory. Also, system builders can continue to sell PCs with Windows XP until January 2009.

Finally, Microsoft recently announced that computers with limited hardware capabilities--devices sometimes called Netbooks or ultralow-cost PC s (ULCPC)--can carry Windows XP Home until June 2010. (Read about the ULCPC program on Microsoft PressPass.)

Have fun,


This is Dr George, the kidney doc and I was listening to podcast 1064
and thinking “finally, the topic of urine is a subject that I can sink
my teeth into”. Urine that is dumped in the sky can shine because of
crystals in the urine, such as calcium or urate crystals.
Maybe the astronauts had some kidney stones? Ouch!
Luckily urine is usually sterile, so no worries about it showering on
you, unless the urine housed a urinary tract infection. In any case
urine sometimes smells foul, especially if, as Molly suggested, it was
old stagnant urine left standing for months.

Enough about my life, and yes, this falls under the category of “Too
much info”!

Love the show!

Dr George