BOL 1040: i4i wants tooth for tooth from Microsoft

The I4i Chairman Loudon Owen joins us to talk about why it's suing Microsoft to prevent selling Word as it is currently. Sounds like I4i wouldn't mind cash. Also Tr.im is back. And Molly takes them to task for being babies.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
3 min read

The i4i Chairman Loudon Owen joins us to talk about why his company is suing Microsoft to prevent selling Word as it is currently. Sounds like i4i wouldn't mind cash. Also Tr.im is back. And Molly takes them to task for being babies. And Vance gets a Corvette for $14 a month. Or would. If GM honored it's bad math.

Watch this: BOL 1040: i4i wants tooth for tooth from Microsoft


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i4i Chairman Loudon Owen

Judge: Microsoft can’t sell Word anymore

Microsoft, Nokia plan mobile Office deal

RealNetworks loses critical ruling in RealDVD case

Zune HD’s packaging, release date leaked: September 15

Xbox gaming platform may soon span Web, console, mobile

Tr.im gets a stay of execution

FriendFeed purchase and Twitter DDoS have some calling for distributed open source versions

North Americans pay more for cell phone service

MS--Dropping IE6 support “not an option”

Vance points out GM’s math issues

Anonymous – doesn’t write checks

Hey Guys,

Molly was talking yesterday (Monday) about if someone could go through all of the old BOL blogs and find out the most commonly used words. I did just that, I wrote a program that would go through your 1,000’s of blog postings and get all of the written data. Then from that data I analyzed it and posted a real time count on my site. Go check it out: http://www.smithprogramming.com

Also I would like to say I am sorry to your server administrators who probably were going crazy trying to figure out why there was so much traffic on your blogs, it was me fine tuning the machine so I could just run it and leave it alone. If your stats are skewed you know why.

I defined what words I wanted it to look for, and if you guys think of any you want me to add just say the word and I’ll get it in.

Great show and keep up the good work,
Chad Smith
Indiana, PA


In Episode 1039 Tom mentioned that on Facebook you can choose what you
share with other people, but the problem is what my friends share with
me. I’m tired of all the notices from quizzes, gifts, games, etc. I
can block each each app individually, but there are hundreds of them
and they keep coming. Feels like bopping gophers.

Houston, TX


Hey Buzzers,

Man! You guys are crazy! WiFi mesh networks with implanted pacemakers… of course you guys would go there!

I have to rain on your parade a little bit, though. I work at a Cardiac Rhythm Management (Pacemakers, Defibrillators, etc.) company and I can tell you these devices are definitely not WiFi. They use medical specific RF frequencies (Such as the ISM or MICS telemetry bands in the US or the SRD band in Europe). I have worked on both the implanted device and on the home ‘base station’ that uploads the data to the web, so I can give you more information if you’d like.

Please rest assured that these devices and frequencies are highly regulated and there’s a lot of security and encryption that goes into these things.

One thing I’m kind of blown away about is that this story has been reported all over the net like it’s something that’s never been done before. I believe this is St Jude’s first wireless device, but other companies have had this technology on the market for 5+ years (I was working on bringing our US based home monitoring system to several European countries over a year ago).

Sorry to be such a downer, I hope I let you down easy. I’m happy to have had a chance to finally be one of the knowledgeable audience members.

Love the show,

-kevmo the software engineer from St Paul