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BOL 1018: We're gonna need a bigger bump

Bing's June bump won't be enough to take significant share from Google according to JP Morgan analysts. Of course analysts will say anything anyway. And apparently so will we. About Blu-ray. It's kind of a complaining podcast today. But we do find a sh

Bing's June bump won't be enough to take significant share from Google according to JP Morgan analysts. Of course, analysts will say anything anyway. And apparently so will we. It's kind of a complaining podcast today, but we do find a shining example of good at the end.


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Netflix rises on speculation of buyout

Verizon to start it's own app store

RIM Launching A BlackBerry social network for venting tomorrow

Windows Marketplace taking app submissions on July 27, coming to WinMo 6.0 and 6.1 later this year

JP Morgan survey shows Bing won't gain much against Google

U.K., not North Korea, source of DDOS attacks, researcher says

First portable HD Radio on the way, and it's cheap

Swiss Postal Service lets users check snail mail online

NASA has the lost tapes

Photos: Paws-on with the Pet's Eye View Cam,39029552,49302958,00.htm

Make sure to check out Dan Lueders' remix of "In The Chatroom" at the end of today's episode! It's pretty awesome.

Ted in Farmington on how downloading could show as streaming

Jim the SysAdmin on Google's plan

Hey Buzz Crew!

Molly, this is specially for you. On his last encyclical letter, Pope Benedict XVI talked about the "unduly rigid assertion of the right to intellectual property, especially in the field of health care."

In a way, it's a holy rant... check it out:

All the best,

Henrique from Brazil


Hi Buzz Crew,

Long time, first time. I was just listening to your audio podcast today and you reported a story where 6 out of 10 corporations don't plan to migrate to Windows 7. Tom specifically mentioned Intel as still being on Windows XP. I am an Intel employee and I can confirm that we had a pilot program for Vista but our IT department decided not to go through with the migration for several reasons (security issues, hardware requirements etc.) We had a couple of members of our group participate in the pilot and they couldn't stand it. During meetings the Vista people were always a few minutes behind the rest of us because it took them that much longer to come out of sleep mode, collaboration was nightmare for them as well (Live Meeting and Sharepoint were hit or miss on Vista). Bottom line, I believe we still use XP because it just works. I haven't heard anything about migrating to 7 anytime soon, will keep you posted if I do.

Love. The. Show.

Anonymous Intel ASIC Designer

P.S. Tom, cheer up! You'll get sponsors any day now.


Dear Buzz Out Loud,

I just finished listening to epsiode 1017 and i am truly sickened by your continuous criticism, pot shots, and negative comments towards the blu-ray format, sony's playstation 3 game console, and apple's iphone as well as other products. I understand as well as anyone that companies often make stupid decisions, boneheaded moves, and other poor choices. Sony's game marketing in itself is a tragedy. They have at least ten (10) potential million+ selling games but only three to four will ever sell to that level due to poor marketing. if the Playstation 3 had Microsoft's marketing they would be on the heels of the Wii in sales by now.

The reason i write though is that the extent to which you all HARP on the negatives is just too much. Nearly every week (if not every other day) you heap more criticism on top of the mountain that you have already created. Natali and Molly are especially guilty. I doubt that they even reasearch into, inquire about, or ever use a PS3 to even be knowledgeable about it. I fear that they just repeat what they hear others say without ever verifying the information... much like a lazy and ignorant parrot would.

I admit that i love the Playstation 3 because of the incredible amount of features that it has. And it does irritate me, not that you criticize the console, but that you do it while omitting, skimming over, or rationalizing the faults of its competing products and even the console's strengths. For example Molly trashes the PS3 because it costs $100 more than the midrange xbox 360 pro but actually justified the additional xbox live yearly fee as a "cost as a online gaming." For her it may be something she pays for without a second thought, however after five years that very xbox live membership costs the same as a Wii and listeners should be made aware of that additional cost when they listen to a technology journalist (who we are told by CNET is both objective and knowledgable) compare the two consoles.

Also you fail to mention that the PS3's hard drive can be upgraded with any off the shelf laptop hard (2.5" SATA) which is an incredible strength in terms of storage costs of the limited Xbox 360 options. Playtv allows the PS3 to act as a digital video recording device even while you are playing a game (currently avilable in Europe and possibly Asia). Remote Play allows PSP owners to access data and even play select games on the PS3 from any wireless hotspot anywhere in the world. Each point is a significant strength kept from listeners by Buzz out Loud and also CNET. Please note that keeping information away from the public is the opposite of respected journalism.

Since you all are so well adept at creating criticism though i challenge you to curb (or even shut down) the criticism until you can create a better portable high definition storage (i.e. blu-ray) format, or game console with online network, or even the perfect smartphone. You do not even have to create a physical product... just make the design and technical specifications for one that could be built. I really would like to see and hear your ideas. Then you could post the designs on your Buzz out Loud web site and have audience members vote on the best and also comment on them. Then you could show those companies how you are so much smarter than they are. I am sure that they would appreciate the education.

I certainly hope that your audience is more merciful on your work than you have been to the companies whose actual products you criticize.

Best Wishes,
-Playstation fanboy Raf (not Rafe)

P.S. I will not be surprised if you choose no to create because it is always easier to criticize than to create. That is why despite all of Molly's rants she will never change the world for the better. that is because it takes more than just hot air to make things better!


Hey Tom,

About Episode 1017 and Blu Ray Players. I have actually read that Blu Ray is way up. EngadgetHD has several reports on this. Way back in January they reported that compared to the original rate of DVD adoption, Blu Ray is outpacing it 2 to 1
They also reported that Blu Ray Player sales were up 72% in the 1st Quarter of 09 The fact is the Blu ray player being sold for under a $100 dollars is slow and just isn't very good. Don't take the experience of one Walmart in Wisconsin as the way BluRay is doing everywhere. Blu Ray is doing fine in the US and is doing even better overseas. Love the Show

Steve from Texas