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Boeing's 747-8 VIP: Beyond first class

The luxury version of the upcoming airliner puts the emphasis on "incomparable luxury" and "opulent features."

Let's face it: Most of us, when we travel, will forever be condemned to ouch--er, coach--class. But we can dream, right?

Boeing 747-8 VIP lounge
Boeing Image

Boeing has been teasing us for some months now with its promise of comfier airlifts in the 747-8 Intercontinental, an update of the now classic jumbo jet that's slated to enter commercial service in 2010. The interior is supposed to feel less like that of a plane and more like a room in your well-heeled neighbor's house. Some of the amenities include small bar tables and plusher seats. (Take a gander at scenes from the January unveiling: "Photos: Boeing's new way to fly.")

Now a unit of the aircraft giant, Boeing Business Jets, is talking up the 747-8 VIP. As the name implies, the emphasis is on "incomparable luxury" and "opulent features" including vaulted ceilings and video wall displays. And the company has the concept drawings to prove it.

Boeing 747-8 VIP staircase
Boeing Image

The china and the tablecloth are a nice touch, but one hopes they'll reconsider the faux tome-laden bookshelves.

Including its Skyloft area, the 747-8 VIP has a little more than 5,000 square feet of cabin space and can carry 100 passengers.

Boeing says that it's already got four orders for the VIP jet from "undisclosed customers." Too bad Google's Larry and Sergei have already gotten themselves tangled up in that mess over the second-hand 767 they bought not so long ago.