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'Body Watch' delivers the ugly truth

You can run (on a treadmill) but can't hide

Hollywood Gadgets

Sometimes, a gadget can be too smart for its own good. That's our opinion, anyway, about an unforgiving fitness device called the "Body Watch."

Why? Because this little sadist will unflinchingly deliver unwelcome news about the state of your physical condition--complete with body fat, body water and body mass--all in real time . And if you try to blame the results on mechanical error, be aware that the watch uses "bio-electrical impedance analysis" and "strain gauge precision technology" to determine the effects of all those Krispy Kremes, according to OhGizmo.

On the flip side, it does offer valuable information to help you lose said poundage, with daily calorie goals and other recommendations. At $50, it's a lot cheaper than a personal-training drill sergeant--and you can always throw it away.