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'Bluetouch' wants to keep your eyes on the road

It has a large touch screen to make calls with mobile phones.

Chip Chick

Drivers may watch TV, browse the Web, or even make a sandwich while behind the wheel, but mobile phones have firmly retained their status as king of the road where distractions are concerned. Acknowledging that reality, the wireless "Bluetouch" system at least tries to lessen the dangers of dialing behind the wheel with a large touch screen that seems much easier (and therefore safer) to use than a handset keypad that requires you to avert your eyes.

And if the touch screen is still too difficult, according to Chip Chick, there's also a voice-recognition feature that controls not only your calls but also directions for your MP3 player or other Bluetooth devices. It costs $399, but that's still cheaper than buying a new car that comes with the technology--not to mention the hospital bills from an accident caused by making a call the old-fashioned way.