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Bluetooth headsets are fashionable. Rrreally?

A discussion of the cell phone fashion show at CTIA 2007.

CTIA fashion show
Work it, work it ...
CNET Networks

Every year, CTIA puts on a technology fashion show featuring the latest handsets, accessories, wearable tech, and more. Billed as a "MUST SEE" event for media outlets, CNET TV starlette Veronica Belmont and I couldn't resist and grabbed some front-row seats to the Fashion in Motion show. We watched as some unenthusiastic models took to the runway showing off phones like the new Samsung Upstage and Sony Ericsson Z750, and did their best to make Bluetooth headsets look sexy. Yeah, no. Hey, I totally get that they're useful and functional accessories, but as we all know, fashion and function don't always go together. Granted, Bluetooth headsets have definitely come a long way in the looks department with semi-attractive models like the Aliph Jawbone but still, if you're not on a call, is it really necessary to walk around with it stuck in your ear? Don't even get cell phone editor Kent German started on that topic. *wink*

But you know what was the most disturbing thing I saw at the show? A product called eScent from Sensory Design & Technology of France. It's a little badge that you pin on your clothing, which releases a scent based on your "biological conditions." So if you're digging that guy or gal you've been eyeing across a room, it'll release one fragrance (they didn't specify what the scent was), but if you feel threatened, it'll send out a different scent. Umm, what?!